Mutilation murder And Theyd wreck fences, rip down signs, beat people up. Murder Trial Opens: Confession Is Described" by Lindsey Gruson (April 5, 1985), "Jury in L. I. SCOTT TRAVIA, 18: I saw Ricky, and he kept saying, Yeah, everythings cool between me and Gary. Then I got this phone call from Garys mom she was wondering where he was. Thinking he saw Lauwers head move, Kasso began stabbing him multiple times in the face. He'd put on these weird eyes and His father said no. '', Like everyone else in town, they had opinions about the killing. And I had a dream that I killed another guy. And I'm like, "What?" I tried killing myself. The history of Satanic Ritual Killing and, Murder. Due to Quinones' drugged state at the time of the killing, his testimony was brought into question and Troiano was acquitted of second-degree murder in a trial by jury in April 1985. RANDY GUETHLER: Before the murder, I was known as a gravedigger. BOY AT WAKE: Gary was the type of guy that everybody liked, because he wasnt selfish. Kasso and Troiano were arrested the next day. Two people, really, when you think about it. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Some went into the woods to get a look at the black spot. He said Find Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok profiles, images and more on IDCrawl - free people search website. We tried to make a fire, but we couldnt. The police were here, and the policeman says, You dont step on our toes, we dont step on yours.. The other five could not be reached. Thats just the way it works with drugs. But today Mr. Quinones said Mr. Kasso had acted alone in catching Mr. Lauwers and dragging him back to a campfire that the four teen-agers had built in the woods in the Village of Northport. happened wherever there are teenagers and drugs. When he was on acid, he'd go back This is a digitized version of an article from The Timess print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. What they did say was 'Satan will come However, as soon as drugs entered the picture, Ricky Kassos promising future quickly devolved into a nightmare. ''No one wants a bad reputation, that's what I think,'' said Linda, who wore white jogging shoes, designer jeans and a tan jacket. murder, some in great detail. Hed pull Midnight Auto, which is like ripping stereos off and stuff. It wont go away. YouTubeGary Lauwers ran away from home so often that his body lay undiscovered for weeks before anyone realized he was missing. Hed stay in clubhouses that he knew, or in the lumberyard up the road, or in doorways. PEACENIK GIRL: That night Jimmy and Albert and Ricky came up to me, wanted me to buy mesc. A police dog went mad on the 4th of July, deep in the woods behind Main Street. He was like, Rich, come here, I gotta tell you something. So Ricky kicked the door of his fathers red Corvette, dented it. ''It was just two crazy kids on drugs is all.''. ''It's all kind of dying out now,'' Mr. Mancini said. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. - Church. I remember he got twenty-five hits of acid, and he just gave them out. flesh, full of dents from the blade of a knife. . the twentieth or twenty-first of June. me, just kill me. The most lurid stories described a youthful throng chanting satanic oaths by a bonfire as the sacrificial victim was slaughtered before their eyes. On at least one occasion, Ricky's parents admitted him to the South Oaks Psychiatric Hospital (formerly known as the Amityville Asylum) in Amityville, New York for drug rehabilitation and psychiatric care. Thats why people go to museums. [6] Kasso also expressed to friends his interest in Anton LaVey's book The Satanic Bible. Judge James Copertino of Suffolk County, who presided over the monthlong trial, ordered Mr. Troiano held without bail in the County Jail on two unrelated burglary charges. Gary just had a severe dislike for him. Id be sitting down in my room, and hed just come through the back door. GLEN WOLF, veteran dirt-bag street kid, 21: Gary was helping me fix my car. Half-burnt body found I mean, Ricky and Gary were both talking a lot, shit like that. Mr. Lauwers, she said, had a way of disappearing for days at a time. Rick Kasso of Northport. Ricky was sweet. were notified, though many teens knew of it. And he got all mad, and started chasing me, and getting his Mr. Troiano, who acknowledged taking several doses of a powerful hallucinogen a few hours before the killing, confessed at the prompting of his police interrogators, Mr. Naiburg contended. Theyd already tried the drug rehab route at South Oaks Hospital, to no avail. Mr. Keahon based his case largely on Mr. Troiano's confession, which the defense had tried to suppress. However, it wasn't until two weeks went by, on July 1, that the murder was reported to the police via an anonymous tip. Kasso, reportedly accompanied by chants of Hang up, hang up from his cell mates, did so. Home; About Clearway that was there claimed this supernatural event happened. .On the night before he had to MICHELLE DeVEAU, 15: Gary was like a wimp. For two weeks Groups of young people gather on the sidewalk and around cars in the parking lots by the harbor. Find Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok profiles, images and more on IDCrawl - free people search website. He put up a little bit of a bad front so he could hang in there with his peers. I was peaking. Where evil dwells They were happy. ALBERT QUINONES: For those three weeks when I didnt know what to do, I was going crazy. Gary Lauwers was high-spirited and mercurial, funny in a dopey way. It says: Now you can strike back at the people that screwed you up. My whole body, all of a sudden, it just wouldnt move, it wouldnt function. They started out by drawing a I think my generation is a bunch of lowlifes. After this look at Ricky Kasso, read about the LSD-fueled murders of two self-professed Satanists in an empty Georgia woods. Facebook gives people the power. If youre gonna live, I say have good times all the time. During his hospital stay, his parents tried to convince the doctors to commit him for involuntary psychiatric care. I was committed to Gary. Welcome!' We put our cigarettes in it. He called himself the acid king and began to dabble in devil worship. accused of killing 17-year-old Gary Lauwers by gouging his eyes out and Albert Quinones was born on 08/01/1967 and is 55 years old. Youth Called Lucid on Stabbing" (April 17, 1985), "Defense Lawyer in L.I. They told so many people. Thirty stabs? threatening behavior. Mr. Quinn, who was paid $500 for his testimony, said that chronic abusers were unable to distinguish fantasy from reality and that they would agree to virtually anything suggested by an authority figure. I feel like I have a disease.. But not kill me kill me, just kill me. You can experience yourself sinking into a cinder-block wall. He was They declined to give their real names, calling themselves only Linda and Valerie. I came down to the park about four in the morning and sat in the gazebo and looked up where it said GARY 666 and just started crying. I did it to see bones, to see history. ", The Theater Of Suburban Rage The murder was two weeks old before the police The idea was to pretend you werent involved, to hang out and hope it went away. I admire him. I got them the biggest orange juice I could find, and they were so happy. He said As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. He looked like he got away with it and shit hes playing it cool. (Gary Lauvers was among those who watched.) Complete hallucinations. MICHELLE DeVEAU My biggest problem in life is my friends dying. On June 17, Gary Lauwers was in the woods with Kasso, Troiano, and another A rock music group named themselves after Kasso. He called this girl a slut, and she freaked out and stabbed him. People have no morals. Sociopathic means robbing graves. Rickey Kasso is Another night Albert and two girls held a sance at my house, a satanic ritual in which they tried to call forth the devil. Mr. Kasso, who confessed that he had stabbed the youth, hanged himself in the Suffolk County Jail two days after his arrest on July 5. BAKER: Ricky wanted to be the devils second hand. About six months ago, he started going to the South Bronx with a friend of mine. I said, Do you have any future plans? He goes, We just break the rules. He goes, People make rules, we break them. He broke into houses. One night at a party, Lauwers made the fateful mistake of stealing 10 packets of angel dust from Kassos jacket while the acid king was unconscious from his own drugs. However, in his testimony, Mr. Quinones seemed unsure of what Mr. Troiano had done. They werent like a regular skeleton they were all distorted. Ricky just started stabbing him in the face when he found out he wasnt dead. The jury acquitted Troiano since his lawyer argued that the teen was so high the night of the murder he was incapable of distinguishing reality from the effects of the drugs. ''It has taken the minds of the young men who worshiped it.''. All we will ever know for sure is the tip TEEN DUSTHEAD 1: You feel like youre ten feet tall. I was afraid I didnt know what to think, cause no ones normal enough to do that. reading LaVey's Satanic Bible) and after the murder was openly boasting of his Kasso stabbed him over and See Free Details & Reputation Profile for Wendy Quinones (54) in East Northport, NY. called the ". That was when the body of 17-year-old Gary Lauwers was found in a shallow grave in the Aztakea Woods, just outside of the sleepy harbor village of Northport. The kids in Western Suffolk County are very Supposedly. ''They look at you funny,'' said Keith Muller, 17. MIKE LION MENTON, 17: Everybody was fucked up that night. SOFTHEARTED GIRL: Ricky wanted the suicide. Kasso was acquainted with the members of a loosely organized group of friends who sold marijuana and referred to themselves as the "Knights of the Black Circle". The end. The Knights of the Black Circle sacrificed And Albert Quinones made Ricky take off his ring, cause he didnt want him to really fuck Gary up. dead." He was about sixteen. Hed totally fuck somebody over and not think about the consequences of it. Kasso was influenced by the music of Black Sabbath and Ozzy One of the last things he said to me, Well, I guess its safe for me to come down here now. Mr. Quinones said today that he was ''just standing there'' as Mr. Kasso stabbed Mr. Lauwers repeatedly. He never wanted to see him again. PEACENIK GIRL: Jimmy told my boyfriend a week after they did it, laughing, Hey, you know Gary Lauwers? Then another friend got hit by a truck, riding his motorcyle. "Popular Culture and Social Control: The Moral Panic on Music Labeling. I had nightmares that I killed him. MICHELLE DeVEAU: My biggest problem in life is my friends dying. Two months after the murder, Rich Barton was still sleeping on the living-room sofa, afraid to sleep in the bedroom where Ricky had crashed so many nights. To the movies. ordeal, Kasso and Troiano forced Lauwers to say, "I love you Satan" Kasso had previously become obsessed with black magic and Satanism (after Its gonna die. ''Yeah,'' Mr. Smith interjected. a teenager was stabbed to death by a friend; -----------------------------------------------------------. A Long live the new flesh! I told them everything. The throng turned out to be as phantom as the cheering mob at Big Dans in the rape trial in New Bedford; and the satanic cult, the Knights of the Black Circle, turned out to be a fading organization of cat-burning, dope-dealing delinquents to whom Kasso was not particularly close. They told me that he started stabbing Gary in the face and shit . TEEN DUSTHEAD 1: Its funny that when Ricky died, it was raining, lightning and thundering. Ceremonies of the Luciferian.. History of Satanism and Devil worship. satanic ritual in which they tried to call forth the devil. Its like, I still dont realize hes dead. Troiano then described how he helped Kasso move Gay Lauwers body further into the woods. Kasso reportedly beat Lauwers on four occasions. During the course of subsequent reveries they renewed the dispute over the allegedly pilfered drugs. ''I can't believe the way that people blew the story way out of proportion,'' said 16-year-old John Mancini, sitting in the Phase II pizza parlor on Main Street with four friends on a recent Saturday night. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. On 16 June Kasso, Troiano, Lauwers, and a youth named Albert Quinones, hid themselves away in Newport's Aztakea Woods to partake of some mescaline. Newsday By Joseph C. Koenenn Apr 16, 1987. love you, mom." after a couple of minutes, started going of paper in there. I thought it was a nightmare. I said, Fuck that, man. PEACENIK GIRL: Just offhand, I said to Ricky, I know you dont even care, but have you seen Gary? Ricky is the acid king. Welcome!. himself we will never know for sure. A hearing on the charges was set for Monday. and glowed." They were dehydrated, so they asked me where the nearest swimming pool was, cause they wanted to go pool hopping. Under cross-examination by the defense attorney, Eric Naiburg, the witness, 17-year-old Albert Quinones, had trouble recalling details and the sequence of events on the night of the murder. Under some leaves, the worms did their work, transfigured themselves into flies and flew off. They remembered the victim, Mr. Lauwers, as someone who was easy to push around. [originally by Wiseblood] steadfast conspiracy of silence against the town's adult population." The prosecutor, William Keahon, leaving the courtroom amid a phalanx of county officers, declined to comment. My heads screwed up ever since that night and its still screwed up, man. Mr. Lauwers was killed in a drug-induced frenzy because he had stolen a powerful illegal drug from one of his attackers, the prosecutor and defense attorney agreed. It was sick, it was torture. Doesnt say nothing. Includes free contact info & photos & court records. They were all dusted out. And I said, Can we hang out again? And he was like, Theres only one problem. And Im like, What? And he said, Im dead. I woke up with tears on my face. RICH BARTON: Afterward, Ricky stayed over four times, I guess. MARK FISHER, 17: Ive known Ricky since sixth grade. Looking for Gilbert Quinones online? Welcome To Clearway Hypnotherapy. had stolen drugs from him. You cant live life that way. I guess he was going to make it into a vest. Suicide Club in He did those things well enough on his own. Mutilation murder of violated the code. The killing attracted international attention, in large part because the police incorrectly charged that a group of chanting cultists had witnessed what was called a Satanic murder. weeks one of those remaining teens -- young Ricky Kasso -- would lead a series Hed bought a knife for protection, but I dont think he carried it around. Northport, Long Island ninth-grade dance, they played "Monster Mash" for him,' cause he had so I think he hadnt paid him back the money yet. The murder became sensational news in New York City and across the nation due to the alleged torture of Lauwers and supposed occult aspects of the murder. Kasso had been charged in April with digging up a grave the previous fall. It was sick. into the dark woods, up in Aztakea, and he would talk to the devil. Other names that Albert uses includes Albert F Quinones and Albert F Quinones. the next room with his girlfriend. We want to hear it. Forty stabs? And then a cop came in and scooped him up with this little pick or something and threw him in the garbage. statement Kasso allegedly gave police and according to Quinones' testimony, it Ut enim ad minim veniam laboris. Satan saying that the murder was a good thing. cheerleader was killed by young witch in a Troiano, Albert Quinones. He didnt give a flying fuck. Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne. ", <