Pluto enters Aquarius on March 27 and this . It is up to you, pisces man, to let her know that you WANT her to come around and bug you and ask for you affection. Now that you know the basics of each sign, it's time to answer the question: Do Scorpio and Aquarius match? Its too late now. 9 Secrets To Seduce Cancer Man With Text Messages. The satisfaction they feel in their love making comes from their deep bonding both emotionally and physically where they actually feel each others presence. Once they are committed, they will retain the trust they have for one another. 5. (As tears well pouring forth) I was with a Leo man for fourteen years and his ego and materialistic ways made me sick. Were understanding, theres no need to be secretive if were in a serious relationship. We are capable of deep love but we are choosy Im who we decide to give it to since secretly we have trust issues. Ill be blunt, and some of the answers may stem from my own personal deep-seated issues and psychological problems, because at the end of the day people do have varying upbringings and disorders. I know this is true because we were so madly in love, so close, but after our kids were born, she became cold as ice and left me. We can read people and if we sense that the person is not good or real we are very cautious no matter how much our heart burns for this person. She is extremely independent, perhaps one of the most independent of all the zodiac signs, and she gets turned off by too much attention. Aquarius are generally a brilliant, innovative, and curious zodiac. Sex is really something special between us, a bond that only we can manage. It is not necessarily physical passion, but a closeness and romance of the mind. After the kids grew up we separated. . Suddenly you will be blindsided by real true love. If they do make it to be parents, theyll actually do quite well with showing the children a nice balance of life. If we spent one night. But this man is so evil towards me it is almost all gone. They want your attention but not for you to cling to them. I am just dating several (typical Aquarius) and trying to find one that I am suitable for and that is also suitable for meThe truth will prevail hopefully by the end of spring. But the way he fights has become so abusive and hurtful when we fight all I ever want to do is to let my feelings be known and try to work past it. She allows him to do his thing and she gives him positive feedback. Our dreaming mentality can be detrimental.Think team work can definitely go a long way. Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, mutual relations can provide. This is something that can happen in any relationship; if you don't have your own inner strength yet and haven't learned how you stand in the world, combining your energy with someone else's is going to be messy. My love, my bride and ex-wife was thrilled to see, finally, what became of me. 14. aquarians are dreamers too, butn ot in the same way as a pisces. Id say 60% in favor of a homebody. I agree. Over time, if nothing else, they will become accustomed to one another, which will facilitate their eventual communication. Are Pisces men controlling and possessive? We're in this together! We are both used to doing everything alone since we were both loners, so it takes awareness to make sure we actually do things together, but you need to, it makes everything so much better and brings us closer. Am now in touch with my emotions fully and seriously. Aquarius protects Pisces' vision of love. Others prefer to keep their distance and are most comfortable when they have a partner who respects their personal space. its funny because aquarius is suppose to be the one that likes independance, alone time and prefers many shallow relationships but in my expierience this is what pisces man is. These books showed me the truth, answered all my questions and fully convey and support The Truth as it is. as well as other things, all in seperate envelopes. Aquarius woman rather likes being social and having fun by herself. Obviously cant speak for all pieces Males, but as a Pisces sun /capricorn moon? If a Pisces man and an Aquarius woman have children, they will balance each other well. Sometimes its better to ease into the conversation like it would kill me if you ever stopped being mine and just read her vibes aquarians go a lot by vibe, but usually pisces are the ones that can read it. Sometimes Pisces can become parental with an Aquarius since it is only one house away. Though, Im also an Aries Mars(a paradoxical combo with my Moon in Cancer),which is a placement that is quick to anger, so I deal with my intensity by working out hard and keeping myself busy.I think two Aries energies shouldnt clash.A grounded Capricorn,Virgo,Taurus or an emotionally deep Scorpio or Pisces rising,moon,mars and venus would be more compatible with me. They need attention and some of them need it everyday. An Aquarius woman is an admirable human being with so many interesting colors in her personality that can amuse anyone. Aquarius wants a friend first. We were texting and i told her i wanted to ask her something but in person or talking on phone, and of course she wemt around my questioning. Love her and let her know but give her space to feel like shes still controlling some of her independence. We had 2 daughters who had 5 grandchildren for us. She will talk to him and realize that she can relate to his dreamer side. @Wandakate thanks for your response. That what I need in a man is a friend at times, a lover for always, and someone who can be paitent and understanding. Not manipulative but dreamy with an urge to make them reality. Can these two zodiac signs have a strong and successful relationship? When a Pisces man has a crush, he cant help but wear his heart on his sleeve. If were talking complete and utter nymphomania then I think just about anyone functional would be taken aback. it's crazy that i understood your whole train of thought just then . Hes so emotional but I dont feel like he cares about me after awhile, @No name, I needed to read this because this is literally me and my Pisces male and I hate it. -I would add though ,in true Aquarius fashion, that Pisces mens constant need for attention and appreciation/ validation is usually what turns us Aquarius off neediness yuck, go back to mommy mommys are needed, women are wanted! SO I never remarried and am not communicating with a few men to do the process of elimination. ITs all up to you. But Id prefer not to be one at all for personal and logical reasons. One of the men I am now dating online text tonite around 6:40 to say I am in the hospital ER. Are Pisces men ok with experiments in the bedroom and period sex? It all must have been a mistake (it wasnt a mistake). Ideally, in order to attract a Pisces man, be the crutch they can blindly trust and rely on. Somebody who i trust, and can be understanding goes a long way. If its something trivial then logic dictates that forgiveness should be an easy enough thing to do. But the thing Ive learned from relationships especially the one with my Aquarian, is that communication is so important. With time and deepening of their understanding and emotions, there comes harmony and a wonderful smooth flow to their relationship. Im so close to giving up on my Pisces man. In the bedroom, he loves how she is open to experimentation and having a very erotic time with him. Thats highly dependent on the situation. i worry a lot of emotional cheating with pisces man. A Pisces man is calm, thoughtful, quite gentle and compassionate person, most of . Personally, a little jealous (could possibly fall into the greater definition of possessive), but controlling, no. Be adventurous Aquarius woman can have sex with love if she meets the right man to bring it out of her. Do Pisces men forgive easily or they believe in forgive but dont forget? I always try to have a bit more hope as I know nothing is impossible. I like to be part of whats going on. Despite their differences, they can make a fascinating couple. If they enter into a commitment, it will be stable and long-lasting. Join the leader in rapport services and find a date today. General, pisces are for fun. Their mutual curiosity about each other will be enough at first to make Aquarius and Pisces sexually compatible. Weve been talkin for 8 weeks and I want to take it to the next level. thats gonna make him look for others alternatives.. The pisces man should be more optimistic and adventurous, while the aquarius woman should be more open emotionally and patient if you want it to work. Doors getting kicked in, things getting smashed up. Pisces, who is at the end of the zodiac, has become more like a mentor, where Aquarius is still open to experimenting with some parts of life, making them incredibly progressive. I think it really depends on the people involved, but not everyone. I so feel for you fellow aquarius woman, I broke up with the love of my life, a Pisces man 30 years ago, who was my best friend and soul mate, I hang my head in shame and married an angry and violent Capricorn just to move as far away on the other side of the planet to not have to bear seeing him marry someone else I had it all- the most romantic, selfless, caring and loyal Pisces boyfriend and I made the worst mistake in my life when I left him out of my own insecurity.I hope one day he can forgive me, my heart belongs to him forever. Once again, most likely a deep-seated issue. I feel that t hose gestures outweigh the possibility of me even wanting to explore anything else with another person because I know I have a good man who wont even compare to anyone else. He went thru his male mid-life crisis and had 3 affairs and finally in 2001 we divorced. Now I am looking for a good companion, best friend, soulmate, partner and lover and at my age thats not easy to find. Obviously, he won't turn away a woman with a gorgeous face and rockin' body. (of course this doesnt mean they love love you!) Yes, but I also like to cook for someone and cooking together is fun. He needs to be one of 5 signs however b/c I dont really hit it off with the other 7 signs Pisces man will take a little longer because hes a dreamer and holds out hope. 19. Make your Pisces man forget every other woman and go absolutely crazy for you. Not easily forgiving but may give more chances than others. Let her know you love her and you are hers. If you want to make yourself attractive to a Pisces guy, tell him about the volunteer work you are doing, and invite him to join you. Generally, a Pisces man and an Aquarius woman will not find each other attractive. My suggestion to Pisces men interested in Aquarius women would be to be honest and open with her or she would feel you arent serious about her. I keep fantasizing about being loved passionately. No zodiac sign has a bigger heart than a pisces. Im an Aquarius woman and Ive been in love with my Pisces husband since we were 8 years old. listen man i am a Aquarius and you truly do love her try becoming her best friend thats how you capture her attention. i really believe any probelm can be worked from good communication as long as both people are willing to listen and change. Know he is trying to hook up with me again after he's been gone for 8 months for sex. Aquarius is most attracted to Geminis, Leos, and Libras. Mystic advises a virgo man and aquarius people around dating a chaos addict, what are not be . We either want a relationship or we dont, we either care or we do not. Sometimes people ignore the emotions of Aquarius because they are so focused on Aquarius' brain. He wants to get to know you on a deeper level and he enjoys analyzing feelings with his loved ones. They can easily put themselves in someone elses shoes and feel their emotions. They are better suited as friends or coworkers than as romantic partners. 4. A Pisces is attracted to learning, knowledge, and a higher level of spiritual awareness. I feel the same way about my pisces. Although they can both gain a lot from their sexual relationship, they are better off taking the lessons learned and applying them to other partners who are better matches for them. Pisces men are humanitarians and philanthropists. An Aquarius can learn a lot from Pisces in this association and the Pisces always feels very compassionate and concerned towards Aquarius. Tell her how you feel, we Aquarian women can act outwardly cool and detached when in fact we are completely in love and are just afraid to loose our independence. Dont forget because you get busy and wrapped up in the newest fun and cool thing! Have intelligent conversations with her that will interest her. I really feel his presence during sex, and I never had that with anyone before. Which is something these fire and air sign men are terrible about! After having me being open and it used against me later on, you can forget about opening up. Aquarius and Pisces should put all their needs,desires and expectations on the table instead of being passive aggressive and complaining about each other. For me having sex with another deepens our connection in a love based sense. He will lose someone that cared the world about him. Also we have a shared passion for music. Anyways, as much as I have experienced and read about Pisces men, I am still clueless about some things and would like to know more as they seem to suit what I am searching for in my man. So I know what I am talking about, been there, done that. Mostly a no as there is much we value over money. I do wear subtle make up to match whatever I am wearing but 90% of the times I like to stay natural.I dont wear drag queen or Kardashian inspired make up because it doesnt suit my personality.I like painted toes and wearing nice shoes. In my exp its the women scared of commiting or ghosting without an explanation. As a Pisces woman, you're fond of getting lost in your imaginative dreams. The reason this happens is that he does come down from the clouds, and the physical world will never be able to match his visions. Prefer adventurous type I tend to overthink, I dive into logic way too much sometimes, and he helps me to go and feel more with my heart, and a little less with my mind. A Pisces and Aquarius friendship can be enjoyable, but they will never bond closely enough to become the best of friends. 3. Thus, it can work with a Pisces if they are mature and emotionally healthy, like all signs. 10 Signs Your Virgo Man Cares (Obviously Or Not). But I dont consider myself a nymphomaniac because if I were one, even the thought of leaving my Scorpio ex wouldnt have crossed my mind.I wouldnt have spent two years trying to get over that relationship, and would have engaged in meaningless sex with any man that showed little interest.I cant separate sex and emotions, the sexual desire is fuelled by overwhelming love for my man. He was only 64 at that time. It said aquarius female is the cold one think someone should read this all over. Build a strong friendship. Finally the 3rd woman told him she would marry him. Fuck games. When a Pisces man has a crush, he can't help but wear his heart on his sleeve. We are all going I be together when we have all learned somehow to love on another and not make ourselves greater than anyone else because we are not greater than any other. When I divorced him we were 2 months shy of 33 yrs. It has nothing to do with materialism and more to do with the lack of it. You say I should give her a lot of attention and I am, but I thought that she might find that too clingy or that Im too needy or even that she feels like her freedom/independence is at risk (which is apparently what Aquarians dont want to lose. He may go for it and see if he cant win her heart. Rich woman looking for older man & younger woman. The Pisces man and the Aquarius woman don't have too many things in common. On a personal front, Im not one for committing first which is probably a product of insecurity caused by the fear of rejection. 8. Pisces man wasted my precious time. Pisces man, just keep on talking to her every day. If I stopped trying so hard to make things work I feel like this relationship will fall apart. WKR. Since we broke up, he has lost and is losing everything he got when he was with me. I just still feel very attached to him so it is difficult to leave. It comes to free aquarius man. 8. If it really affected me? NOW I understand it all. DOB 02/04/1966. It does appear as if he has some deep rooted phycological issues that may have stemmed from his past. These two dont really understand each other very well. What is she doing that makes you feel this way? But not afraid to voice frustrations after enough provoking. The cheating thing, from my own experience, I couldnt do it. Aquarius Man And Pisces Woman Compatibility; A Pisces woman has a hard time attracting men, but it becomes difficult for them to leave her once she does. You might want to get to the root of his behavior b4 you do what I did and waste all of those precious years that you will NEVER EVER get back. I am sorry you had bad experiences with women and I hope you find the one who loves you unconditionally. My suggestion to you aqua ladies is learn how to be more consistent and reliable. Most of our arguments are about how I feel about something hes done and he flips it and says I hurt his feelings bringing it up which really p*sses me off cause how does my feelings and how I feel hurt his feelings it makes no freaking sense I just feel like hes trying to get me to apologize for my feelings? More often yes than no. He would be with me but giving every other women his attention by staring at her, trying to get her attention, that's why he is by himself and no one wants him because he's a hoe! A Spiritually Based Connection She displayed all the personality traits that make her so unique and she whispered something I said to her a magic word, so to speak a phrase that was quirky, charmingvand whimsical, just as I had whispered to her for a reason I couldnt exolsin until now: she wanted to show me that her visit was surely not my imagination. The Sagittarius man is never this understanding with other women! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Its quite hard not to be. Pisces believe in love so powerfully that they will go along with it even when it hurts them, regardless of how others treat them. Yes as values family Rightly so, because we live in a violent, prideful, and misguided world. Most serial killers fall under Pisces). This means that the longer they are together, the more likely it is that they will stay together. Never lie to her 3. Dont be lazy, step up to the plate and tell yourself ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!! In my experience, most definitely not. On the other hand he spend his whole life searching for me. But of course thats your own choice. I never remarried all that time, still single as of today. Hes my bestfriend! 20. This can be frustrating for Aquarians, who know they have great emotional potential. A Pisces man is not one to push against resistance or make ultimatums, so he will go along with whatever she wants to do. He has some amazing fantasies that she thinks she'd be happy to be part of. Im so protective when it comes to my feelings that o rarely give dudes chances so if I did its because I SEE SOMETHING DIFFERENT IN YOU. I want to talk to her again about it but this time tell her why I feel this way and just about it more so I can have closure about this issue Do you think this is a good idea or do you think she might feel like I dont trust her or want to take her freedom to choose away? Pisceans tend to keep things inside and not verbalize issues properly as they arise. Ive been friends with a picese man for about 5-6 years, we have spoken pretty much every day since then. Im so sorry this happened to you wandakate! You Broke Up With Your Capricorn Man. We like to be chased, we like to play it cool while the man shows the full range of his emotions because deep down we are scared and insecure about letting our hearts love fully. .. If you two are close or have talked about the future together, you dont have much to worry about. But there are also limits. I broke up with her in the worst way possible (not giving details and no it wasnt cheating) and it completely shattered her and her trust in me. 13. When you want to attract a Pisces guy, dont be afraid to open up emotionally. To make a Pisces guy attracted to you, you need to show him some affection, too. I truly have never known love like this. Aquarius woman is adventurous and wont mind Pisces taking control. So why bother. The relationship can be difficult at first, but over time it will improve and can become very long-lasting. We fight but I know we both would rather just be in eachothers arms. After three years I finally told her I had a crush on her, and she was warm, friendly, there was no doubt she was interested in me, liked me He can easily get discouraged or change his dreams thus not really accomplishing his original goals. If a Pisces man and an Aquarius woman get together, and if their relationship starts to deepen, the Pisces man will probably want to marry. I wonder if he will text me or call again. To woo a Pisces woman, be funny 4. This can create problems in their relationship. Am aquarius woman, divorced since a few years from a very domining Aris husband. 16. Chasing her may freak her out and make her want nothing more to do with you as it would make you seem desperate and Aquarius women do not like that at all. Even though she craves her freedom to continue to be her individualistic self, once she falls in love, she is forever of her lover. You can have a shower afterwards to wash off. You need to love her and be a good person to her. Ive felt like the relationship has been stagnant for a while and sometimes he is so cold towards me I start to feel insecure about his feelings for me and if we will last. One of the biggest challenges of this combination is communication, as Aquarius and Pisces both tend to be shy,reserved and slow to trust.They are both afraid of rejection and hurt.Once Aquarius commits though, they want 100% transparency and honesty from their partner and being a psychic much like Pisces, we know when our partner is holding back from us and it may hurt us tremendously and make us resentful. He is sick in his head. its not cold and detached if she really likes you she is just figuring how to respond to it, like we over think things (speaking from experience), and the romantic thing, maybe try and rephrase this, its the way you deliver things. If you can get a Pisces guy talking about both of your creative pursuits, and he will want to get to know you better. And violent when pushed. I really enjoy the peace and quiet. 6. Pisces man said he wnts these thigs too, but he never said with ME specifically. Some are really sweet and some are just funny and bizarre. I dont want to change him. She too has great fantasies and dreams but he can see how she actually goes after what she wants. Aquarian women can be distant but when she finds the one, shes all in. I actually loved her. These two are not likely to get back together if they break up. Surprisingly, this partnership between an aloof guy and a highly sensitive girl really can work. They are so individual and to marry means (to her) a feeling of losing ALL of her independence, that doesnt sit well with MOST Aquarian women. Aquarius woman thinks mostly with logic and when Pisces man becomes emotionally reactive, she looks at him like hes crazy. So, when it is nice between pisces and aquarius, it is really something special. If you wish to attract an Aquarius woman, you'll need to be unique in your own way. i need her back. We can write love songs and dedicate poetry to you as well as stand by your side as your rock and help you achieve your dreams.We just desire a harmonious and drama-free love life, and a man who doesnt desire to dominate us but treat us as equal and be our strongest support system.Someone who can read my heart,my body language and is comfortable with me even in silence.Someone with whom I wouldnt always need words to communicate. Im finally happy and content with someone. If he talks to other women and surrounds himself with female friends, dont worry that hes being unfaithful or that its one of the signs a Pisces man is not interested in you. Rigid or boring types simply won't do. Many women have stayed with abusive men and been killed by those very men. Her Pisces partner will be open to her suggestions and ideas, but eventually, he will feel like hes not enough for her and that she cant be pleased. The love connection was something out of this world, but we looked at relationships very differently. How to. I need my man to be with me, if not then I need to know that I am on his mind. Therefore tread lightly with her so you dont lose her. In the past I did not have sex with love, but that changed with my pisces man. If theres a mutual vibe, shes down then me too. She is a beautiful woman but she is so cold that I feel I have done something bad to her or that I have hurt her feelings. Yes but also read when space is necessary I am a scorpio woman. SO YOU are the one who is making the choice to stay with this idiot abuserHe doesnt seem like (from what you are writing here) that he gives a damn about anybody in life but himself and he sounds totally screwed up Aquarius man will adore her for this, and her love will lift him up without feeling smotheringthis is very important for an Aquarius man, because if he feels cornered in a relationship, he will start to get itchy feet. He needs someone to help him ground himself because otherwise hes going to get so far into his fantasies that he may forget what reality is. Assuming the relationship just easily sparks? There are SO many variables I cried reading this. I enjoyed this insight and the clean yet caring style its written in. He talked about a famous actor that she is really pretty and I realised that I am not that type of woman physically. I do wish you would muster up enough courage to get the hell away from this man, and NEVER return. Ok, So Im an Aquarius Sun/Cancer Moon woman and I read all the replies here. Worst: Cinnamon, ginger, or tobacco. s1, s2 nerve root compression symptoms,